Ghost Writers In The Sky™
Song Contest 2005

The annual "Ghost Writers In The Sky" Song Contest invites original songs, written in the style of Hank Williams, Sr. Judges choose three finalists; your online vote then decides the Grand Prize Winner.

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Congratulations to 2005 winner John Lilly for "Blue Highway." Thanks to Washburn for furnishing a F-25 dreadnought acoustic, and Geoff Benge for his custom work. See promo video for John's song below. NOTE: Must have Flash player to view - download is free) .

John Lilly
"Blue Highway"

Grand Prize Winner 2005
Listen (2.2MB, MP3)

Photo: Michael Keller

John Lilly's unique blend of music bridges the waters between tradition and innovation. Mixing his own roots-based original songs with the best of early country music, John offers a lively and entertaining program of American roots music.

"If Hank Williams had a sunny disposition, he'd be John Lilly" -- Independent Weekly; Durham, NC

"Lilly's the real thing -- he's got the 'feel,' the intensity, the soul, and the sweetness in his music." -- Bluegrass Unlimited

John Milne "Tonight I'll Be Crying In My Beer"
Finalist 2005
Listen (2.2MB, MP3)

John Milne was born in Ohio, grew up in California and Norway, and has been living in Chicago for the past 12 years. John plays with the Long Gone Lonesome Boys, and also performs with three-time Midwest Harmony Sweepstakes winners Chicago Voice Exchange.

He translates the Scandinavian languages to supplement his musical income, and has also worked as a copper miner, ship's helmsman and ER orderly at various times in his life.

John lives with his wonderful wife, Margo, and their good-for-nothing punk-drummer son, Andrew.

Thomas Scott Pearce "You Never Miss Your Water (Till The Well Runs Dry)"
Finalist 2005
(1.7MB, MP3)

Born in North Carolina and raised on a tobacco farm, Thomas started playing guitar at age 10. He's worn many hats through the years, including tobacco farming, construction, forestry service, National Park Service, corrections officer in five state prisons, and is now a psychiatric nurse.

Thomas received theprestigious 2005 Songwriting Fellowship Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council, and contributes a column on ("My Back Pages" by BLUESMAN).

Thomas says he's "happily married to the greatest woman on the planet," has a grown son and a grandchild.


Gary Camaro
"Drinking In Self Defense"

Desdemona Finch
"Tainted Love & Wilted Roses"

Liz Van Deerlin
"Nobody Knows"

Dan Finegan
"Riders In The Sky"

Charlie Stewart
"I Need Some Lovin'"

Tim Hunter
"Let Me In Or Let Me Go"

Kathleen Renee Harris
"Condemn Me For Loving"

Dale Keys
"I Found You Gone"

Red River
"Poor Old Broken Heart"

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